Creative Castles Building Process

[1 - Plan Approvals]Finalize plans and homeowners sign off on each page for submission to POA for approval.
[2 - Lot]Layout the house plan on your lot to get the best possible views
[3 - Foundation]
[4 - Frame]Once the foundation is poured, framing begins and this is where your home begins to take shape.
[5 - Electrical Walk-Thru]This stage is very critical, we walk each room with our clients denoting on stud floor plugs, switches, TV outlets. This process may take all day.
[6 - Sheetrock]
[7 - Trim]This is the stage where your home begins to take shape. Decisions are made by the homeowner on all trim material used; cabinetry, moldings, door casings, interior doors installed.
[8 - Interior Finishes]The finishing touches, paint, stain, carpet and electrical fixtures. The stone fireplace adds warmth to the room.
[9 - Landscaping]We have our Landscaper meet with you so ideas or formulated on what types of plants and trees that you like. The Landscaper sketches a layout that best fits the formation of your home. Our landscaper also installs the sprinkler system, if that is in your contract.
[10 - Final Walk - Thru]Is the final step, where the homeowner learns the operations of their home's components. We go over all the responsibilities for maintenance and up-keep, warranty coverage period and procedures. This walk-thru provides an opportunity for you to make a final list of items that may need to be corrected or adjusted. The final walk-through is a positive learning experience that will enhance the enjoyment of your new home.
[11 - Bringing Your Dreams To Life]
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